Dating loess deposits

Luminescence dating of loess deposits from the Remagen-Schwalbenberg site, Western Germany

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Loess - Nomon

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Dating of Austrian Loess Deposits G. You do not currently have access to this article.

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    Magnetostratigraphical dating of loess deposits in China

    Establishing reliable numerical age control on these tephra horizons enables them to be placed within firm temporal frameworks and increases their potential as correlative tools for regional palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. To this end we present new single-grain and multi-grain quartz optically stimulated luminescence OSL chronologies for loess deposits bracketing three well-documented and regionally significant variants of the Sheep Creek tephra SCt at two sites in west-central Yukon Territory Ash Bend and Quartz Creek.

    In contrast, comparative chronologies obtained using multi-grain aliquots are stratigraphically inconsistent and unexpectedly young when compared with the independent SCt-K age. Synthetic aliquot De datasets constructed from single-grain OSL measurements reveal that the large proportional light sum contributions of 0 Gy and dim grains could possibly account for multi-grain age underestimations in some of the Ash Bend samples.

    In light of these potentially problematic averaging effects, we do not consider the multi-grain OSL ages to be reliable and suggest that single-grain approaches may be preferable for dating sediments with similar quartz luminescence behaviours across this region. Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers: Publication Details Demuro, M.