What to do when your best friend is dating a bad guy

How to Deal When Your Best Friend is Dating Someone You Hate

Make her laugh, make her smile, get her having fun. Roll With the Punches: You just need to roll with it. Get together for short things that allow you two to have fun together for a set period of time.

Good examples of these kinds of dates include going to comedy shows, a round of mini golf or going to a carnival together. Touching dramatically increases intimacy.

Plus, touching her gives her permission to start touching you. Adopting the body language of a confident man will eventually make you more confident. Are you standing up straight, for example?

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Get Used to Talking to Women: Whenever you have the time, go out and talk to women. The point is to get comfortable with talking to beautiful women without getting rattled. Talk to women without trying to pick them up.


Instead, just get used to being around them and chatting. It is wise to hold in any irrevocable bashing of her beloved like a fart in an elevator. You can't take it back once you let it out. The best tactic is to repeat the insanity she tells you with a sincere non-ironic tone. This way, she can hear the lunacy for herself without having to taste your disapproval.

Chances are, your friend is going to complain about the douche-bag nonstop, which of course gets tiresome.

Her Best Friend Is A Guy

You have to remember, your friend is taking crazy pills, and you will have the same conversation over and over and over again, making you reflect on the definition of insanity while staring at the ceiling with your mouth open. They need you to listen to them, because eventually they will begin to bore themselves. Although the toxicity of your friend's relationship may be as obvious to you as fake tits, it will take time for her to feel it out for herself.

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It is important to remain as her confidante even though you want to shake her like a British nanny would. You have to trust that she will return to her senses and realize that the relationship is depleting her life force.

How to Convince Your Best Friend She Has a Bad Boyfriend

And if you find yourself about to implode from the chaotic craziness of it all, remember that you too were probably once seduced by a douche. This post originally appeared on AlterNet. Toni Nagy is a freelance writer living in Vermont. Have a frank conversation with your friend about your feelings. When the two of you make plans, her boy needs to bow out.

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  • If Her Best Friend Is A Guy, Don't Panic - Read This Instead.

Now if your friend wants to date your ex, as in a guy you actually had a relationship with, you may need to draw the line. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. View the discussion thread.