Golf match making

Does the game separate the players by region or is there no one playing multiplayer? When I try to play all I get is "Searching for Players 1 of 2 " Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. I haven't tried matchmaking yet, but some of the leaderboards have entries in them although not a lot so I assume it's working. I guess it's just the lack of people playing that mode so far. Yes if you wait long enuff it will find you a live player. I have played the mode several times. I've played a few times in the matchmaking mode.

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So players have a lot of choices. Thrangar View Profile View Posts.

I have notice on both games its really only in the 5 to 8 pm cst that i can find matches for the PC versions of these games. Gdog View Profile View Posts. I tried this with some of my twitch viewers last night.

I'm in the UK, I tried with 2 viewers who were in the states. It never matched us together even after minutes of waiting.

Golf match making

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Thanks for contacting us. Your message was received. Golf Clash's matchmaking system works by attempting to find you an opponent with a similar trophy count as quickly as possible. These are the two most important aspects of what we think Golf Clash players want; fair competitive play and the ability to get into a game quickly.

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NOTE - we do not take the number of matches played or the equipment that each players has into consideration when matching players. We do this as these two aspects do not always reflect a players skill level accurately when compared to their trophy count. When you search for a 1v1 game, we look at all the online players who are also looking for a game in the same 'Tour' as you say, Six Star Hotel , and try to find one in the same trophy bracket as you.

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  6. We also take into consideration the highest trophy count that each player has achieved. This prevents players from purposefully losing Trophies to try and match against weaker opponents.

    How does matchmaking work in Golf Clash?

    The result of this is that players may be slightly further apart in terms of trophy count, but are ultimately similarly skilled players. Very rarely, in less than 3. In this situation, we will match you against an opponent with a similar trophy level who played the hole recently but who isn't online at that moment.