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You better do it, otherwise I'll find you myself and shove your disc somewhere that isn't pleasant. The answer is "The green pigment ages".

October 6 Naoto joins the party today thus filling out your party. A couple of neat things about Naoto's Persona: October 8 Quizzed yet again.

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The answer is "Teacher". October 11 I'm sure you know the drill by now. The answer is "His height". October 12 Yet again. The answer is "Two Yen". October 13 Sigh October 14 Mid-Terms start today. Going will increase your Social Links slightly with your party members. Like always, your score is dependant on your current level of Knowledge and how many questions you answered right.

October 24 Test results are posted. I don't really need to see again how you can obtain the highest score. October 27 When given the choice, choose "Enter the pageant, dammit" for an Expression boost. October 29 The first day of the Culture Festival is today. Several of your Social Links will get some points added to them today. October 30 The second day of the Culture Festival is today.

At night, when prompted, pick the choice "Hold the line". It really doesn't do anything but the response gave me a quick laugh. November 1 The answer is "Your back to your shoulders". November 4 I'm pretty sure they pick Yosuke so he can bug the living hell out of me for the answer. The answer is "It excretes toxins".

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November 6 "Her" dungeon is now unlocked. November 7 The answer is "The South Pole". Do keep in mind what temperature he gives after you give the answer. November 11 The answer is "Koch". November 17 The answer is "Gamble". I always thought it meant Game Over but what do I know. You better damn well save her too.

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November 24 Ugh The answer is "Six". November 25 The answer is "It's the last chance". November 26 Come on The answer is "X'mas". November 28 Finals start today. December 1 "The South Pole ; 30 Degrees" "1,, dollars" December 2 "Discovered Tuberculosis" "French" December 3 Today is the last day of finals and the last set of finals for the game, so it's time to break out the booze!

Later at the hospital, you can now either achieve the bad ending, or continue with the game. If you picked a wrong choice, the game will skip to March December 5 You have to go around town and ask people about the murders now. Upon doing so, a new option will appear when you talk with people. Talk with everyone in the Shopping District, both North and South and ask each question.

The same goes for Junes and the Samegawa Flood Plain. Upon entering Junes, talk to the student in the bottom right corner and ask her the same two questions.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Walkthrough/guide

When you select the second question, she'll mention her friend might know something. Head to the Shopping District South again and talk to the very first female student you see and pick the second question. Once you talk to everyone and ask both questions, the game will advance. In order to advance the game even further, you must pick the correct person out of a list you're given and you only have three chances. The true culprit is December 8 Your test results are posted today. You know the routine by now. Adachi's dungeon is now unlocked as well.

This place is excellent for experience if you feel you're lacking in levels. You get about on average per battle. If you complete Adachi's dungeon BEFORE the final date, the game will automatically skip to the 24th so make sure to wait until the last couple of days before finishing it so you can max any lingering Social Links.

December 9 You might have to stop a complete psycho but you still have you study, dammit. The answer is "Insects".

+ Deep Personal Questions To Ask A Guy or Boyfriend

December 10 The answer is "The 'big' toe". December 24 Today is the last day to defeat Adachi. Also, you'll get a small event with one of your girlfriends here or if you only have one, then your girlfriend. If you have more than one like me because you're awesome, then just reject the calls you get until you get the one you want. As I pointed out before, we're going for the True Ending. First things first, though, we need to find all the Social Links we maxed out and we have to talk to each person. You can find each person at the following places: Shopping District [South] -Priestess: Use the bus stop in the Shopping District.

Shopping District [South] -Hermit: Shrine in the Shopping District. Shopping District [South] -Devil: The Hospital you worked at.

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Use the bus stop. In the diner that you can eat at to raise your stats. Shopping District [North] -Temperance: Visit the Day Care center you worked at. Select the Dojima Residence off of the city map. Only do this after talking to everyone. Samegawa Flood Plain [Riverbed] -Moon: Enter the school and check around the first floor. Depending on which club you chose, visit either the Music or Drama room at the school. After doing this, you'll be asked if you want to go home to get ready to leave tomorrow.

Next, go to the Food Court in Junes and select "No".