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So before you even begin dating again, your worth is never determined by someone else. These are the practices I developed. I met a man I enjoyed sleeping with but he always avoided the question about dating exclusively, as though trained by a presidential candidate's press team.

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I overstayed my welcome and experienced great passion in other relationships that had no lasting foundation. I daydreamed about marrying another man I had only gone on 4 dates with and then he vanished.

6 Signs on the first date that that guy is your soul mate

I needed an inner strategy. Dating online can easily seem artificial and fake. Here's what guided me in my 30 months of online dating. Before you go on a date, meditate. Visualize the person you will be meeting bathed in divine light. Imagine them at their best. Visualize you both having a great time, regardless if you will be a match or not.

Imagine the other person feeling completely heard and seen.

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Because that's what we all want at our core. First dates are just first dates. If you are nervous before you meet them, you are human. They are nervous too. Before the meeting, keep the emails and texts to a minimum. So there is a sense of mystery and discovery when you meet. When you first meet, don't expect there will be blinding chemistry or thoughts about the potential for marriage.

It's just an hour and a half. Passion is available with a lot of people. Spiritual connection is more selective. When it comes to physical intimacy, consider slowing it down. The first dates that end in passionate kissing or back at his apartment usually never go anywhere. Build a foundation, trust, and then verbal intimacy with the other person and give it space before sex. When I waited to date five or six, rather than "date three," there was more time for us to see red flags in our relationship before we slept together.

Shared values or shared sacred silence are good signs that you will have something to invest in. Whoever we sleep with, we become connected to on some level.

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And if we sleep with many, many people, it drains our energy and our focus. And these words from a mentor haunted me, "You can tell if someone has slept with many people or drank a lot. It literally shows on a person's face. Consider dating one person at a time. Time is your most valuable resource. So there is no need to give the hours you would devote to a part-time job to full-time dating. Even if it means you don't date for months.

Your balance, strength, and serenity are your highest priorities. Trust your intuition constantly. Dating always requires you to channel your inner Maya Angelou: It's often a sign that they are needy or have low self-confidence. Lasting attraction is rooted in experiencing the energy of a person when you are with them. If they are putting you on a pedestal or putting you down, move on. Our thoughts fly in tornado-like formations.

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But those thoughts do not serve what is real: Our minds replay the past with a nostalgic ache or imagine the romantic comedy movie trailer we hope our life will become. The more you notice the unhelpful dialogues in your head, the less power these thoughts have and the easier it becomes to shift what you are thinking. Your words have power.

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