Hook up bathtub drain

Steps to Bathtub Replacement

Hey Folks, Got the old tub out, easy part. It seems like brass or copper There are threads, and collars, but I'm not sure what the point of those are? How do they attach? The old ones seem like they just "sat" inside, and these tightening collars don't seem to have function. What piece of this puzzle am i missing? I guess I just need to replace the drain assembly. Or could I just find parts to rehab this one? I would buy a new drain set--why reinstall one that old?

Adding your location to your profile helps in many ways. Before you think about it--see if it even fits the new tubthey are cut to fit the tub when installed. Removal is simply a matter of disconnecting the piping and lifting the tub out. Remove the toilet and flush tank or lavatory to make room or lift the tub over these fixtures.

If your tub is free standing, the steps will be similar. Here are the steps.

There may be an access panel on the backside of the plumbing wall of the bathtub. If not, this wall will most likely be finished with drywall, plaster and lath, or paneling. Remove the access panel of the wall surface so the piping is exposed. Find the wallboard joint and work from this point. Figure 1 should be helpful in locating the framing and piping. Disconnect the tub drain using a large adjustable wrench or Channel-lock pliers. Then loosen the slip nut connecting the overflow pipe that runs from the bathtub drain pipe.

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If necessary, remove the tub drain strainer, which will release the drain pipe below it Figure 2. If hot and cold water faucets are inside the bathtub not above it , remove these fixtures back to supply connections. Remove the wall covering such as tile from around the tub. One course of tile is plenty. Use a hammer and cold chisel for this and wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris Figure 3.

Important Tips and Tricks

If the wall is not tiled, remove about four inches of material to expose the clips holding the tub. These fasteners will be attached to a ledger strip around the tub. Remove or disengage the fasteners. The tub may simply sit directly on the ledger strip Figure 4.

  • Steps to Bathtub Replacement.
  • Hooking Up a Bathtub Drain!
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With a prybar and a piece of scrap wood to protect the wall if needed , gently pry the tub away from the wall. Go completely around the tub. With a helper, try moving the tub out a tad more. Go back and check this. Hopefully, you will be able to move the tub straight out from the wall. If so, put down some 1x4 skids or a piece of plywood so the tub won't damage the floor as it is moved out and so the tub is easier to slide.

You will need a helper for this; bathtubs weigh plenty.

Don't try to move the tub alone. If the tub can't be removed by sliding it straight out, remove the wall opposite the faucet and exit here Figure 5. This will involve cutting framing members, which you will replace later. However, the wall may be load bearing and you must shore up the framing -- before you make cuts -- with two or three lengths of 2x4 or 2x6. If you are unsure about the house structure, consult a building contractor, engineer, or architect. If you can't get the tub out of the back wall, it will have to go through the plumbing wall. The pipes will have to be cut accordingly and capped.

If the pipes are plastic or copper, you can remove them with a hacksaw just above the opening for the tub.

How to Install a Basement Bathtub

If the pipes are galvanized steel, you may be able to disconnect them at the coupling. Use pipe wrenches for this. One wrench goes on the fitting and the other one on the pipe. Put down skids for the tub, as suggested above, and have a helper assist you in the tub removal. When the tub is out, you can lift and carry it with aid of helpers. Tub may rest on ledger strip. If so, lift it off the strip when you remove the old tub. Tub may be held with hanger clips, which have to be loosened or removed before the tub can be taken out. The procedure for installing the new bathtub is almost the reverse of taking out the old one.

These are two frequent questions, and rightfully so.

Our prior tutorial shared in great detail how to prep and self level basement floors. This step makes tub installation easier. Step one is to dry fit the bathtub. Step two is to install the cable bath drain. Step three is to dry fit the pipe and slip fitting into the P-Trap. Step five is to set the bathtub in the mortar, drill holes through the tub lip, and secure the tub to studs using galvanized screws.