Is he dating me out of pity

That girl just told you point blank that she is helping a pitiable dude like you empower your fragile self-esteem, and might have considered or may consider accepting other offers if any, or, maybe there's some fortune she is benefiting from the "forced" pity-relationship. Why are Nigerian ladies so heartless? After living off his ass for 2 years and fooling him with fake love all the while, you judged today is convenient to hatch your plans, because you reckon you cannot go on with the deception forever. I don't need to tell you the next route to follow from this junction.

Yhu deserve d best to get u right, u mean it over?

Chai, some babes dey hearless ar swear. As for you, OP. It means she does not truly love you 2. It may also mean your days are numbered with her 3. Any fvck up from you might attract red card or harsh reactions 4. She has the upper hand in the relationship Finally, she's likely to cheat on you cos she's just helping your poor condition This one is strong. Brother are you weak on bed?

My boyfriend said he's dating me PARTIALLY out of pity? | Yahoo Answers

That relationship ain't going nowhere buh you can still come home the winner. Plus, with all these things I do in my spare time, I have met some really nice girls who may turn into potential dates in the near future. Pity - only if I was genuinely attracted to the person. I would love to be the guy that makes the girl feel special and love herself again. But at the same time, I wouldn't want this to lead to the girl being clingy just because I gave her that special attention that she needed.

This may lead to me having to be responsible for most of the relationship and puttingin most of the effort to make it work when really we should being doing that together. I would have to say B You are so desperate to find love that you accept even if you have no feelings towards them because feelings are something that can develop over time, you might not have feelings for the person right away, but you may later upon getting to know them better.

As far as being 'desperate for love' goes it's more so 'giving love a chance' because really, how often does love at first sight occur? Pity - Nope, I follow the methodology of Mr.

Is it inappropriate (for either gender) to ask a date how much money they make?

T; I only pity fools. Someone I date will need to have the inteligence to hold a conversation, so fools are out of the question. Boredom - We've all done weirder things when we've been bored. For example; spending an hour trying to fold a single piece of paper in half, 8 consecutive times. Money - Well, I " ain't nothing but a goldigga' ". What I mean is that guys are a thousand, million, billion, trillion times more likely to give a girl chance when she is feeling like that.

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The chances of a girl giving a guy a chance who is in that situation, heck, a guy is more likely to win the lottery than a girl giving him a chance. I normally would put E in this situation, but the problem is, I actually have dated sumone because I felt terrible for wanting to rejecting them. She had a lot going on and she needed me, so I was there for her, whatever she wanted me to be. No to pity because that's not fair on the girl. It's cheesy but their is someone for everyone and she would be better off with someone who doesn't feel sorry for her in any way.

does he love me or he's staying out of pity?

I would and have gone on a date because I was bored and lonely and I would date for money too as long as it was clear it was a date she was paying for and not any other services! I don't really see much distinction between boredom and loneliness. If you are lonely you are probably bored also, and if you are bored it is probably because you are alone. I'm basically debating with myself right now whether to date someone out of boredom and loneliness. The woman I want to date isn't interested and just wants to be friends. This other girl is into me and we have seen a few movies together but I haven't made any move on her.

I am kind of attracted to her but not really. She is not bad looking, just not my type. She's one of my friends old girlfriends. Perhaps as the song says, if you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with? Date them not likely as it would not really give much of a foundation for a relationship.

Pity Love (& Dating)

I did kiss a girl out of pity though no I didn't tell her that though. To be fair, a first date based on loneliness can sometimes result in her winning me over. Similar premise of would you rather be with someone you love but they don't love you, or someone who loves you but you don't love them. Again dating them is not likely as the relationship would not likely develop and go anywhere.

Random hook up can happen this way. I will admit that if I feeling particularly lonely and a girl I wasn't really interested in was there at the right time then I could see it happening. Assuming I find her at least mildly attractive, I'm not that difficult to win over. That to me would be a recipe for disaster. It would have to be a pretty substantial amount because it's almost the same as Pity. I don't think so. Life has been a bit boring lately, so who knows! But I would have to be attracted to them.

I don't know how people date someone who they aren't even attracted to.. I mean, it would be a plus if a girl was rich, but that wouldn't be my primary deciding factory whether or not I date the girl. I have dated a woman because I didn't want to be alone. It was a rebound relationship and turned out to be a bad relationship.

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Of course it didn't last long. I would only date someone who I was attracted too. Its the only way I could date someone infact. I can not even imagine kissing, hugging and especially having sex with someone who I didn't find attractive. It grosses me out that people will actually do that. I would be wasting both of our time The longer I waste time with him the one he was meant to have is missing OUT on him..

Pity dating isn't a favor it's self serving.. Who am I to take "pity" on someone I will step aside and let the one that was meant have him while I go find mine. But I'd make it clear that it's just friendly so they don't expect more. Sure I feel lonely at times and wish I had a boyfriend. But this can only be remedied by a guy I really like.

The company of someone who I'm not that into will not make me happy. So a big fat no. You never ever want to date some one because of money. My most recent ex was out of boredom and pity. He kept harassing me and then posted on fb about how he didn't think anyone could ever love him after I rejected him twice. The third time I cracked and said yes to him. That would totally use him, and cause me hassle later when I have to break up with him.

Break up is inevitable if you don't have any attraction to the person.