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You were never my official boyfriend. I was never your official girlfriend. But we did everything that couples do. We texted nonstop, from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep. You actually made an effort to involve me in your life. I met your friends, I met your parents, I met your pets. I met everyone that mattered to you and they must have known there was something between us. You made it clear that we were an item. And when we hung out on our own, we acted like any couple would act.

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We sat close, so close that our arms and legs were touching. You wrapped your arms around my shoulders. I leaned my head against your chest. We told each other secrets and talked about our pasts.

We Never Officially Dated But We Did Everything That Couples Do

We opened up to each other in a way that I would never open up to someone else. Whenever I needed you, you were there for me. You answered my texts without waiting too long. You showed up without cancelling at the last second. You treated me like you actually cared. That we were eventually going to stop being casual and start being official. I was basically living there, also. The roommate and I got along just fine, and it was taken as a friendly gesture - not a romantic one.

I sure hope my gf was into me All those restraining orders and cries of "leave me alone" these part 22 years suddenly make a bit more sense huh I dunno, as a woman the fact that they'd consider my roommate as well in the whole giving flowers thing would be a kind gesture regardless. I'd say it's one of those things where context is key, not necessarily attraction. I did this Valentines Day Bouquet for the GF and a rose for each of her roommates. This gesture went virtually unnoticed and we are no longer together as of January this year I really liked this girl, and was kind of slow to the punch with my intentions because she felt way out of my league.

We stopped talking for a while, because something had happened. I remembered a book she said she always wanted to read, but never got around to it. I dropped it off at her door one day.

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She called me crying, and said she wanted to see me immediately. We dated for a while, and it didn't really work out. Either way, I'll never forget how well that turned out. I guess the moral of the story is, always go out on a limb. It will probably turn out in your favor. This card is adorable. It really says "we're not Valentine's, but I'd consider it, if you would. I totally would be down to do something with my thing to your thing Either way I think you're cool and maybe you feel the same I didn't get married until I was almost 35 and had my youngest at My wife and I had a lot of things we wanted to do and accomplish before starting this phase of our life.

Do all the things you dream about or want to accomplish now or at least start the process. I've always wanted to earn a black belt in a traditional martial art and I'm about a year into studying Hapkido.

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It's awesome and I love it, but holy shit, this would have been easier if I started 20 years ago. I was joking with one of my instructors who is in her 60s and we laughed about how youth is wasted on the young. Plus, if you start doing the things that you love like martial arts or travel or music or art or whatever you've greatly increased the chance that you'll find someone who has a shared passion. I'm about to hit 30 and I've been with the love of my life for just over a year now.

It takes time, man. My wife always freaks out when it's red until we realize what food caused it that day lol. Damn kids and their rainbow turds. The blueberry marketing board really isn't hitting it out of the park with their ad campaign this year, wouldn't you say? It read "If you hear anyone saying I like you, it's ok. Because I kind of do". After both of us growing up, getting married, raising kids and becoming widowed we plan on marrying next year.

We dated in high school and broke up. We married other people. We are now in a relationship again. I was like, they BOTH can't be widowed. Oh, I guess they can. Emotions are like happy, sad, happy. What's so hard to understand about murdering each other's spouses so they could finally be together?

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Same, I assumed they married each other and had kids, then thought some necromancy shit was at hand when they both got widowed with plans to remarry. Fucking same, I was like wait a second how did the both die and then continue living life. Had to rewind a couple steps to understand.

I thought it read "windowed" and I had the image that they both ran into the comically oversized pane of glass that two mover guys are carrying, and it just looks invisible to the people who slam headfirst into it. A good friend of mine and his wife ride motorcycles together, and last night she took a spill on the highway. Nothing life threatening but some broken bones. They're both a few years younger than I, 25 and 26 I believe. That made my stomach hurt terribly. I can't imagine losing my wife. I hope they wear helmets. That is insanity to me. The wrecks are much less messy.

My dad knew a pair of college kids that were gonna be married. He suddenly developed cancer and died 4 weeks before the wedding was supposed to be. I remember my elementary crush. The longest and most beautiful auburn hair you had ever seen I learned the name of that color specifically because of her , deep brown eyes and the prettiest smile you could ever imagine. She moved away in 8th grade to california, never saw her again until we were both in our 20s. She was back in the state because she was strung out on heroin and came to mooch off her family. Oh I didn't even realize you needed to pitch anything to the Hallmark channel.

I thought it was like open enrollment at my community college. We both ended up marrying someone older. Both spouses died young. The odd thing is we both kept up with how the other was doing over the years without actually making contact. Strange how life works out, isn't it?

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If I had a "we've been sorta seeing each other for the past 5 months, but she doesn't want anything serious because she MIGHT be looking to move with her cousin to the west coast, but her cousin still needs to figure out if they want to go to grad school or not" person in my life, I'd think it was sweet if I got this card. Karen "i want to teach English overseas, but im also thinking about going back to Dallas to my old teaching job". Maira "i am putting in my 2 weeks notice at work, i am going to visit family in Mexico and i only have a 1 way ticket, i want to spend a year traveling central America.

Damn, I didn't know reading something could make me stressed purely from other people's indecision. I am currently in the last five women that I have asked out.

Friends told me this all different friends at different times. These people were in the age range. I'm finally ready to commit and she says we are just friends. Keep going, you'll find someone that is sure of you as much as you are of them with none of this 'what are we' BS. Man, that is hard because in the back of her mind she is thinking..

You will never be happy in that scenario. Cut her out of your life gracefully.

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Maybe she's just scared but tell her straight up. It's a card from Emily McDowell. She makes tons of perfect unique cards her website is www. Still no "final anniversary" or divorce card! When we were splitting up my now ex-wife wanted to go out to lunch to celebrate our last anniversary. Which was incredibly awkward. I spent a lot time in the card aisle trying to figure out what would be appropriate before finally accepting they just don't make a card for that.