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However, everything is fine when I log into the guest account, and I can type in my password at the start up screen. Try creating another normal user account temporarily, and see what behaviour you get there. Same deal for both keyboard and magic trackpad.

How to Use an Apple Aluminum Keyboard on a Windows PC | metgiftrezuma.ga

Any thoughts on that? Thank you in advance. Are you sure its getting unpaired? Does the pairing still appear in the OS X Bluetooth preferences, but its just not connecting? As for Apple… come on, guys, get your act together. A little better product support, please…. This just worked like a charm! You made a potentially long troubleshooting job last only 3 minutes. Hi Dave I do exactly your guide.

But when i type different number, the code is black. What i should do? The power button is a switch and thus you cannot hold it down. No one could help me.

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I was getting so frustrated and this solved my keyboard problem. All the best for you! I have a sort of unique problem.

How to connect an Apple wireless keyboard to Windows 10

It pairs for a while and then stops working. Again, it may be Yosemite, but I just wanted to ask to see if you had any idea. Obvious the beta software it could be a bug, but seems to just be the same issue that affects earlier versions. Also, take a look in the Console logs to see if there is any hint as to why the keyboard disconnects. Then i went into preferenceds selected keyboard internal to macbook and try to use change keyboard, it DOES not recognize the Internal keyboad , but it too like the wireless is working, Use lithium double aa and triple a battery because they last longer..

I am on my lap top now searching for solutions. I have a really old Bluetooth keyboard from Apple.

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No power button indicated anywhere. There is a toggle switch in the back that turns the blinky green light on and off. My Surface 2 detects the keyboard and knows it by name, but the pairing process always fails.

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I never get the code. Are you familiar with these old style keyboards? Is there a key combo that acts as the power button that I can hold down while it tries to pair? That is the solution I was looking for. Holding down the Power-Button until the pairing-windows appears was the solution!

A cheap USB keyboard will at least let you get back to work. Now I cannot get into my MAC cause it requires a password and I cannot type the password cause my keys on the keypad are not working. It seems when I press the middle of the keyboard, some keys sort of work but then nothing else happens. Please, please assist urgently as I was working on a presentation and now cannot go in and complete.

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Sounds like your cleaning might have damaged the keyboard. This worked for my Apple wireless mouse. Many thanks to you and Dr. Google for sending me to your page. After an hour of failing to connect an wireless keyboard I found your instructions. Thank you very, very much! The only problem I faced when connecting both the keyboard done first and trackpad done second was that as long as the keyboard was turned on, the trackpad would not show up in the devices list I guess they looked identical to the PC.

After connecting them once, they work simultaneously. Tried everything to make it move, from a fully charged new set of batteries to cleaning up of the shells and mouse.. I am clueless about resetting the bluetooth settings without a mouse.. Please do comment… Thanks, Soorsj S. I have tryed to follow your advice, but i cannot se how to ask my imac to forget the keybord. Only how to dissconnect. Its in danish lay-out.

Resetting the Firmware (see note)

I have the same problem as a few others here, that the keybord is connected, but some of the keys doesnt repond. Ive tryed to connect the keybord to my iphone, and its the same there. But i can make the iphone forget the keybord, which i cannot on the imac 27 Mecanical failure? Ps no i did not cleaned it.

Problem occured after a restart.

When in Bluetooth preferences, it shows a list of known devices. It may say its currently connected, and there is an X to the right that allows you to disconnect. If the keyboard is failing with particular keys, and you find that when connected to a different device like iPhone that the same physical keys fail, then probably you have a defective keyboard.

Even Apple kit can go wrong! I suppose different lay-out. Computer is set to danish, the keyboard is Catalan and Apple is American. So of course a lot of things can go wrong. After that, i tried, just for fun, to connect again to my iPad, and now it worked here too??? So some kind of memory the keyboard must have. If not this is a little to magic. It didnt worked for long. After a period of sleepmode, same problem again. Hi Dave, I hope you can advise. We have an Imac that is nearly 3 years old.

It sits happily in the kitchen making movies, playing music and searching the internet, it has quite a nice life apart from frequent attacks by a 8 and 9 year old. Yesterday I came home to find my iTunes library playing, I did not recall turning it on before I left, but the music was good so I paid little attention. Later that day the imac started making noises like someone was typing and the problem worsened to constant error noises and the screen flitting around various boxes.

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The keyboard was non responsive. So I shut everything down, turned off the keyboard, changed the batteries and restated. Still no keys working as pressed but the Imac responding to some connection as the typing and error noises restarted. I am not super technical, but we have owned apples since out first tangerine imac many years ago.

The keyboard is paired, I have tried to unpair to pair with my iPad, but the keyboard seems not to type the code required to pair with the iPad. I have reconnected it to the imac but it keeps asking for the code to be input, yet in system preferences it says it is connected to the wireless keyboard. So I really just wanted your advice, has the keyboard died or is there something I can do?